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воскресенье, 16 марта 2014 г.

The businessmen grow from school, or ViAL+ creates a new Ukrainian business elite

Such words would can be a motto of the Ukrainian business tournament «Strategy of company» among pupils which was organized with the support of KPMG and Company of Intellectual Technologies (KINT). The fierce final battle for the title of the best company’s leader in the simulation «ViAL +» demonstrated the brilliant results. Young business people made effective decisions that might be the envy of adult businesses. The competition between them was so interesting that remained a mystery, who would win, to the bitter end.

Оn March 15 2014 Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman met the finalists of the tournament. The full-time competition between the best players and the ceremony of awarding were conducted there.

The first prize was won by the pupil from Krivoy Rog Igor Kostevich (Viper Company). Artem Devyatkin from Boiarka (Kiev region), the owner of a virtual company «Funny Milk Farm», was the second. Michael Siver from Konotop (Sumy region) and his firm «Siver» get the third place. All finalists were awarded with prizes and gifts by KPMG, Company of Intellectual Technologies (KINT) and KNEU.

Congratulations to the winners! We have no doubt that their accomplishments in business will not be limited by this.

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