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пятница, 12 октября 2018 г.

Business Simulation ViAL+― Realistic Virtual Economic Environment

Business Simulation ViAL+ is a large-scale interactive simulation system that creates a virtual economic environment by realistic reconstitution of functioning processes of industrial enterprises and creates a «live» competitive environment between the participants, which accept practical solutions and react to the results in a modulated situation. 

The main goal of the ViAL+ is to create opportunities for acquiring practical skills in economic processes management of the whole technological chain of production, distribution and competition in the market environment, as well as management of enterprises as whole.ViAL+ realistically reproduces the functioning processes of manufacturing enterprise, starting with organization of product release, and ending with the produced goods distribution under the conditions when there are different types of market - from a duopoly to monopolistic competition.

Upon receiving a complete administrative and economic management of enterprise, the Participant receives the right of individual access to independent management of the enterprise main functions:
  • organization of production process;
  • main funds formation and management;
  • staff recruitment and management;
  • development and exploring  of new kinds of production;
  • management of production processes;
  • management of product consumer appeal;
  • market survey and development of products realization strategy and tactics (marketing);
  • organization of  distribution;
  • financial management of the enterprise, including through access to credit and deposit instruments;
  • production efficiency increase;
  • organization of accounting and formation of the company's balance sheet.

Business simulation ViAL+ ranked first place at competitive projects «Pegasus-2013» in Belgorod, the third place at competitive projects on the Innovative technologies festival in the framework of the II All-Russian festival of science in 2012.

Nowadays business simulation ViAL+ is an effective tool not only for training and shaping of practical skills, but also for reunion and deepening of the cooperation between the participant, the higher educational establishment and the employer. 

Since the participant receives and deepens the necessary practical skills, higher educational establishment receives highly qualified graduates, and employers are more confident in young specialists, who can make decisions and solve real-life situations

четверг, 11 октября 2018 г.

Participation in Business Simulation ViAL+

Start in Business Simulation ViAL+ is very simple:
  1. Register in Business Simulation: 
  2. Install User`s Module of Business Simulation ViAL+: .
  3. Receive in mail file for start in Business Simulation ViAL+, save on PC, open program of User`s Module of ViAL+.
  4. Save decision in ViAL+ and send to mail: vial@kint.com.

During the period of participation in business simulation ViAL+ adaptation to the simulation environment (3-4 sessions) takes place.  The participation in business simulation ViAL+ gives an integrated vision of the company as a system, which, simultaneously, consists of interrelated functional units (8-10 sessions), an understanding of the cause-and-effect relations in economic management of the company in a competitive market environment (15-18 sessions). When the participant can consciously implement and correct the earlier formed plan of action, he begins to professionally analyze the results (after the 20th session). The reinforcement of acquired competences and practical skills is observed after 25 sessions.

пятница, 27 июня 2014 г.

We are going to ISAGA-2014!

Company of Intellectual Technologies (KINT) and Business Simulation ViAL+ go to the international level. We are invited to take part in the international conference ISAGA-2014 which would be held from 7 to 11 July 2014 in Dornbirn (Austria).

We'll have a 30-minute speech at the panel discussion on July 9. There we will present the concept and implementation of the concept of educational interactive business area based on the business simulation ViAL +. On July 10 everyone will be able to  test the demo version of it.
This is a new opportunity not only for our team but for the whole Ukraine. Our country  will be represented only by our team. For comparison there will be more than three representatives of different Russian universities.

Let's start to change Ukraine.
Let's change the whole world.

Your sincerely, the team of KINT.

среда, 25 июня 2014 г.

ViAL+ as a tool to evaluate the students' competences. Part І

We just have successfully completed the first phase of development of the competences assessment using ViAl+ in KNEU. Our first category is masters of the specialization «Enterprise Economics». We have developed an evaluative algorithms, the task for the students. The testing of them was held in April-May 2014.

On June 24 we had summed up the results. The participants of the first focus group was presented with certificates of completion of training / practice management company based on a business simulation ViAL +.

We have seen that:
  • The simulation ViAL + has an educational effect even in a test. It was shown by the growth of self-esteem of participants in the possession competence.
  • It allows us to estimate the practical skills of participants quickly and efficiently.
  • Higher education in Ukraine is not aimed at the formation of practical skills and abilities.
The work on certification is continued. Soon we'll present a new product which is certification of economic and business competencies of students and employees.

пятница, 4 апреля 2014 г.

The approbation of ViAL+ at European University in Kiev

From the third of March till the third of April 2014 we had tested ViAL+ at European University in Kiev – one of the largest private higher educational establishments of Ukraine with over 30 thousand students, including foreigners from 15 countries, studying in 26 specialties. Forty students of specialties "Business Economics", "Marketing" and "Management" have taken part in our experiment.

The results showed that the use of business simulations had ensured gaining of practical skills and abilities of economic management in the company. Also at the end of the program these students demonstrated much higher level of development of the soft skills of self-presentation, communication with partners and other team members, time management and self discipline and more.

We are very grateful to the administration and teachers of European University in Kiev for their comprehensive support and help in approbation of the business simulation in their educational establishment.

воскресенье, 16 марта 2014 г.

The businessmen grow from school, or ViAL+ creates a new Ukrainian business elite

Such words would can be a motto of the Ukrainian business tournament «Strategy of company» among pupils which was organized with the support of KPMG and Company of Intellectual Technologies (KINT). The fierce final battle for the title of the best company’s leader in the simulation «ViAL +» demonstrated the brilliant results. Young business people made effective decisions that might be the envy of adult businesses. The competition between them was so interesting that remained a mystery, who would win, to the bitter end.

Оn March 15 2014 Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman met the finalists of the tournament. The full-time competition between the best players and the ceremony of awarding were conducted there.

The first prize was won by the pupil from Krivoy Rog Igor Kostevich (Viper Company). Artem Devyatkin from Boiarka (Kiev region), the owner of a virtual company «Funny Milk Farm», was the second. Michael Siver from Konotop (Sumy region) and his firm «Siver» get the third place. All finalists were awarded with prizes and gifts by KPMG, Company of Intellectual Technologies (KINT) and KNEU.

Congratulations to the winners! We have no doubt that their accomplishments in business will not be limited by this.

суббота, 12 октября 2013 г.

Why do ViAL+ Use?

  1. In ViAL+ participant get new company only with start company and unlimited opportunities for strategic and tactical manager decisions.
  2. ViAL+ is virtual economic environment without scenario and computer.
  3. ViAL+ is more possible realistic environment creating by real participants and modelling from real example ― milk market of CIS.
  4. ViAL+ is interactive system, for access you must have only Internet and PC. 
  5. ViAL+ open unlimited opportunities for making decision by participants ― you can try different variant of strategic and tactical business decision. In result, you get practical management skills.
  6. Participants in ViAL+ can be in different role – CEO, functional managers (production, marketing and sales, finance, personal), analysts, sales manager and even accountants.
  7. In ViAL+ participant can communicate with other competitors for trading resources, making mutually advantageous terms of cooperation and for other situations.
  8. ViAL+ is effective training system, which have approbated by more 500 people (students, professors, specialists-economists, professionals in different branches of economy and other) and recognized in Moscow State University (Russia), leading Ukrainian Economic University.
  9. ViAL+ is bridge between theoretical knowledge and practice of manager of business.
  10. ViAL+ is modelling industrial and service company with large amount of business process.
  11. ViAL+ is serious training system of practical manager skills with intuitive and understandable interface.
  12. ViAL+ have comfortable training mode for start.