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среда, 25 июня 2014 г.

ViAL+ as a tool to evaluate the students' competences. Part І

We just have successfully completed the first phase of development of the competences assessment using ViAl+ in KNEU. Our first category is masters of the specialization «Enterprise Economics». We have developed an evaluative algorithms, the task for the students. The testing of them was held in April-May 2014.

On June 24 we had summed up the results. The participants of the first focus group was presented with certificates of completion of training / practice management company based on a business simulation ViAL +.

We have seen that:
  • The simulation ViAL + has an educational effect even in a test. It was shown by the growth of self-esteem of participants in the possession competence.
  • It allows us to estimate the practical skills of participants quickly and efficiently.
  • Higher education in Ukraine is not aimed at the formation of practical skills and abilities.
The work on certification is continued. Soon we'll present a new product which is certification of economic and business competencies of students and employees.

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