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пятница, 12 октября 2018 г.

Business Simulation ViAL+― Realistic Virtual Economic Environment

Business Simulation ViAL+ is a large-scale interactive simulation system that creates a virtual economic environment by realistic reconstitution of functioning processes of industrial enterprises and creates a «live» competitive environment between the participants, which accept practical solutions and react to the results in a modulated situation. 

The main goal of the ViAL+ is to create opportunities for acquiring practical skills in economic processes management of the whole technological chain of production, distribution and competition in the market environment, as well as management of enterprises as whole.ViAL+ realistically reproduces the functioning processes of manufacturing enterprise, starting with organization of product release, and ending with the produced goods distribution under the conditions when there are different types of market - from a duopoly to monopolistic competition.

Upon receiving a complete administrative and economic management of enterprise, the Participant receives the right of individual access to independent management of the enterprise main functions:
  • organization of production process;
  • main funds formation and management;
  • staff recruitment and management;
  • development and exploring  of new kinds of production;
  • management of production processes;
  • management of product consumer appeal;
  • market survey and development of products realization strategy and tactics (marketing);
  • organization of  distribution;
  • financial management of the enterprise, including through access to credit and deposit instruments;
  • production efficiency increase;
  • organization of accounting and formation of the company's balance sheet.

Business simulation ViAL+ ranked first place at competitive projects «Pegasus-2013» in Belgorod, the third place at competitive projects on the Innovative technologies festival in the framework of the II All-Russian festival of science in 2012.

Nowadays business simulation ViAL+ is an effective tool not only for training and shaping of practical skills, but also for reunion and deepening of the cooperation between the participant, the higher educational establishment and the employer. 

Since the participant receives and deepens the necessary practical skills, higher educational establishment receives highly qualified graduates, and employers are more confident in young specialists, who can make decisions and solve real-life situations

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