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четверг, 11 октября 2018 г.

Participation in Business Simulation ViAL+

Start in Business Simulation ViAL+ is very simple:
  1. Register in Business Simulation: 
  2. Install User`s Module of Business Simulation ViAL+: .
  3. Receive in mail file for start in Business Simulation ViAL+, save on PC, open program of User`s Module of ViAL+.
  4. Save decision in ViAL+ and send to mail: vial@kint.com.

During the period of participation in business simulation ViAL+ adaptation to the simulation environment (3-4 sessions) takes place.  The participation in business simulation ViAL+ gives an integrated vision of the company as a system, which, simultaneously, consists of interrelated functional units (8-10 sessions), an understanding of the cause-and-effect relations in economic management of the company in a competitive market environment (15-18 sessions). When the participant can consciously implement and correct the earlier formed plan of action, he begins to professionally analyze the results (after the 20th session). The reinforcement of acquired competences and practical skills is observed after 25 sessions.

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